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Clovis Points Served Many Purposes

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Clovis2(Courtesy Michael Waters)COLUMBUS, OHIO--New research suggests that Clovis points, thought to have been crafted for hunting mammoths, actually served as all-purpose knives. When Mark Seeman was at Kent State University, he and his colleagues identified rabbits’ blood residue on Clovis points from Ohio. Now Logan Miller of Ohio State University has examined ten stone tools under high-powered magnification, and found evidence that a Clovis point from Ohio was used to cut meat and soft plants, and another was used to kill an animal. “Such a versatile tool would have been handy for hunter-gatherers, who had to carry all their possessions around with them as they roamed across their Ice Age world,” commented Bradley T. Lepper of the Ohio Historical Society.