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Traces of Iron Helmet Found Near Skull of Armor-Wearing Man

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

MAEBASHI, JAPAN—Last year, archaeologists digging in the Kanai-Higashiura archaeological site, which was buried under volcanic ash in the early sixth century, uncovered the remains of a man who had been partially dressed in armor. Further study and a computer tomography scan show that he may also have been wearing an iron helmet that covered his head and neck and had hoate cheek protectors. “It is highly possible that this is a helmet that was actually used during the Kofun period, the first ever confirmed in the country,” said Toshiyuki Uchiyama of the Tochigi Miraizukuri Foundation’s Archaeological Research Center. This is the first time that Kofun Period armor has been found worn by its owner rather than as part of a ritual set of grave goods.