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Smuggled Artifacts Returned to Egypt

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

LONDON, ENGLAND—According to a report in Ahram Online, 12 artifacts that were stolen and smuggled out of Egypt after the January 2011 revolution have been handed over to the Egyptian embassy in London by court order. The objects were spotted by members of Egypt’s antiquities ministry who are tasked with repatriating stolen artifacts in lists of items up for auction. The recovered artifacts include a granite relief from the base of a statue of King Amenhotep III; a limestone head of a cobra beneath a sun disk and a lotus flower from the New Kingdom period; a bust of an unidentified man wearing a long wig from the Middle Kingdom period; a limestone head of a woman wearing a short wig; a New Kingdom relief depicting a person standing with his hands on his chest; and another relief painted with red and yellow pigments.