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New Restoration Project Underway at Pompeii

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

(Alago)POMPEII, ITALY—A new conservation project estimated to cost $142 million began at the Croptoportico and the Casa dei Dioscuri in Pompeii today. The repairs are intended to protect the site from exposure to weather, reinforce the Roman buildings, restore frescoes, and increase security measures. “It’s a first small step to revamp the whole area. It is absolutely necessary that we have a program to revamp cultural sites in Italy,” said Johannes Hahn, European Regional Policy Commissioner. Yesterday, Italian police placed the head of a restoration company that had received contracts to work at Pompeii in the past under house arrest while she is being investigated for aiding abuse of office, corrupting a public official, and fraud. Five other officials and engineers are also under investigation, including the former special commissioner appointed to oversee the ancient city. A state of emergency was declared at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 because of its dilapidated condition.