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  • Searching for Lost Cities May/June 2024

    The Storm God’s City

    Konya Plain, Turkey

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    Türkmen-Karahöyük, Turkey
    (Michele Massa)
  • Artifacts November/December 2023

    Sculpture of a Fist

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    (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Bridgeman Art Library)
  • The Ancient Promise of Water March/April 2023

    The King's Speech

    Konya Province, Turkey

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    (Courtesy Ömür Harmanşah/ Yalburt Yaylası Archaeological Landscape Research Project)
  • Rediscovering Egypt's Golden Dynasty September/October 2022

    A Foreign Affair

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    (Courtesy Istanbul Archaeology Museums/Photo by Stephen Lew)
  • Features July/August 2021

    The Ugarit Archives

    Thousands of cuneiform tablets written in a distinctive script tell the dramatic story of a Bronze Age merchant city in Syria

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    (RMN-Grand Palais/Art Resource, NY)
  • Top 10 Discoveries of 2020 January/February 2021

    Luwian Royal Inscription

    Türkmen-Karahöyük, Turkey

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    (Copyright by James Osborne (above left) and copyright by Jennifer Jackson (above right))
  • Digs & Discoveries May/June 2020

    Polychrome Patchwork

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    (Uşaklı Höyük Archaeological Project,
  • Digs & Discoveries November/December 2019

    The Wrath of the Hittites

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    (Lucas Stephens)
  • Features July/August 2017

    Egypt’s Final Redoubt in Canaan

    The fiery end of the last Egyptian colony

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    (Image copyright © The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Art Resource, NY)