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Sacrificial Victims from Templo Mayor Examined by Archaeologists

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

inah-2MEXICO CITY, MEXICO—Archaeologists Estibaliz Aguayo and Berenice Jimenez of the National Institute of Anthropology and History have studied an otechcatl stone discovered at Templo Mayor and determined that it had been moved from its original location and placed near a wall of the temple some 500 years ago. It is known that such stones, which were used as places of human sacrifice, were only used in open spaces. Scientists are now testing the stone for traces of human blood. The five human skulls found beneath the stone belonged to two men and three women, and had been defleshed. Holes had been punched in the skulls so that they could be hung. The more than 1,500 other bones found in the area showed signs of malnutrition, disease, and dental problems.