July/August 2014 Issue

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    Under Mexico City

    Beneath the capital's busy streets, archaeologists are discovering the buried world of the Aztecs

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    The Tomb of the Silver Hands

    Long-buried evidence of an Etruscan noble family

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    (Marco Merola)
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    Revisiting the Gokstad

    More than a century after Norway's Gokstad ship burial was first excavated, scientists are examining the remains of the VIking chieftain buried inside and learning the truth about how he lived and died

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    Telling a Different Story

    Archaeologists are revealing the dark past of one of the Cold War's most celebrated sites

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    Egypt's Forgotten Dynasty

    Excavations at the ancient city of Abydos have revealed the tomb of a previously unknown pharaoh and evidence of a long-lost royal lineage

Letter From Scotland

Letter From Scotland

Living on the Edge

Were the residents of a Scottish hillside immoral squatters or hard-working farmers?

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(Jeff Oliver, University of Aberdeen)



Neolithic Wand

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(Courtesy L.C. Tiera)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid July/August 2014

Arikok National Park, Aruba

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(Wikimedia Commons, $Mathe94$)

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