May/June 2022 Issue

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    The World of Egyptian Demons

    Thousands of supernatural beings, including protective cobra spirits and knife-wielding turtles, guarded ancient Egyptians in life and death

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    (The Trustees of the British Museum)
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    Secrets of Scotland's Viking Age Hoard

    A massive cache of Viking silver and Anglo-Saxon heirlooms reveals the complex political landscape of ninth-century Britain

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    Fit for Fighting

    The discovery of Mesopotamian-style armor in northwest China offers new insights into a battle- tested ancient technology

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    To Live and Die in Pompeii

    Unearthing the unusual burial of a freedman who gained entrée into the city’s top social ranks

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    Pottery's Origin Stories

    Why did hunter-gatherers make the world’s first pots?

Letter from the Bay Area

Letter from the Bay Area

California's Coastal Homelands

How Native Americans defied Spanish missionaries and preserved their way of life

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(The Picture Art Collection/Alamy Stock Photo)



Greek Vessel

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(Craig Mauzy/Athenian Agora Excavations)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid May/June 2022

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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