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Jamestown Murder Solved

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

JcompuAMESTOWN, VIRGINIA—It was one of the enduring archaeological mysteries of the Jamestown colony: Who shot JR102C? In 1996, Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists led by William Kelso excavated the grave of a young man designated JR102C in the project catalog. His skeleton had a lead bullet and shot fragments lodged in the right leg that could have ruptured a major artery and led to death within minutes. Now Kelso says that the team has found evidence that identifies the man as George Harrison, who took part in a duel in 1624 and is reported to have died from a gunshot to the leg. The man who murdered him was a merchant named Richard Stephens, who later is reported to have lost his teeth in a brawl with Virginia governor John Harvey.