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Camp Lawton’s Civil War Artifacts

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

forkSAVANNAH, GEORGIA—Students and faculty from Georgia Southern University have recovered more than 600 artifacts from Camp Lawton, a Civil War prison camp where more than 10,000 captured Union troops were held for just six weeks during 1864. Remnants of the camp’s stockade wall were discovered in 2010; since then, metal artifacts such as a bronze buckle used to fasten tourniquets during amputations, buttons, a hammerhead, spoons, and forks have been found. They are being cleaned by the students and examined with an x-ray machine at a local veterinarian’s office. “Their settings are for dog or cat or bird, so we had to play with it a little bit. And it turns out the best setting is for a bird,” said graduate student Matt Newberry.