March/April 2019 Issue

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    Egypt's Eternal City

    Once the most sacred site on the Nile, Heliopolis was all but forgotten until archaeologists returned to save it from disappearing forever

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    (Courtesy Dietrich Raue and Aiman Ashmawy/The Heliopolis Project)
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    Sicily's Lost Theater

    Archaeologists resume the search for the home of drama in a majestic Greek sanctuary

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    (Giuseppe Cavaleri)
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    A Memory of Home

    A volcanic eruption forced the people of Ecuador’s Jama Valley to abandon their homeland. What brought them back?

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    Between Two Empires

    Exploring the extensive remains of a short-lived city that flourished during a turbulent era of ancient Near Eastern history

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    Art at the End of the Ice Age

    Newly discovered engraved stone tablets are evidence that a prehistoric tradition endured long after it was thought to have vanished

Letter From Texas

Letter From Texas

On the Range

Excavations at a ranch in the southern High Plains show how generations of people adapted to an iconic Western landscape

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(Eric A. Powell)



Seal Stamp

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(Rikke Caroline Olsen/The National Museum of Denmark)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid March/April 2019

Inishark Island, County Galway, Ireland

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(Wikimedia Commons)

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