May/June 2020 Issue

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    Weapons of the Ancient World

    How people of the past developed arms to master the challenges of their time

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    (Leemage/ Contributor/GettyImages)
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    A Path to Freedom

    At a Union Army camp in Kentucky, enslaved men, women, and children struggled for their lives and fought to be free

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    (Left to right: Courtesy Ron Coddington/; University of Kentucky Special Collections, Lexington, KY; Library of Congress)
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    Villages in the Sky

    High in the Rockies, archaeologists have discovered evidence of mountain life 4,000 years ago

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    (Matt Stirn)
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    Megasites of Ukraine

    Massive 6,000-year-old settlements are revolutionizing how archaeologists understand ancient cities

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    The King's Canal

    Rock reliefs in Iraqi Kurdistan show how Assyrian farmers toiled under the royal gaze

Letter from Morocco

Letter from Morocco

Splendor at the Edge of the Sahara

Excavations of a bustling medieval city tell the tale of a powerful Berber dynasty

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(Photo Courtesy Chloé Capel)



Torah Shield and Pointer

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(Courtesy Michał Wojenka/Jagiellonian University Institute of Archaeology)

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