November/December 2023 Issue

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  • Features November/December 2023

    China's River of Gold

    Excavations in Sichuan Province reveal the lost treasure of an infamous seventeenth-century warlord

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    (Courtesy Liu Zhiyan)
  • Features November/December 2023

    Assyrian Women of Letters

    4,000-year-old cuneiform tablets illuminate the personal lives of Mesopotamian businesswomen

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    (Attraction Art/Adobe Stock)
  • Features November/December 2023

    Worshipping a Forbidden Goddess

    A Roman noblewoman’s devotion to Isis outlasted even an emperor’s ban on foreign cults

  • Features November/December 2023

    Paleolithic Pathfinders

    Around 55,000 years ago, a resourceful band of modern humans made a home in southern France

  • Features November/December 2023

    Who Were the Goths?

    Investigating the mythic origins of the Roman Empire’s ultimate adversary

Letter from El Salvador

Letter from El Salvador

Uneasy Allies

Archaeologists discover a long-forgotten capital where Indigenous peoples and Spanish colonists arrived at a fraught coexistence

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Sculpture of a Fist

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(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Bridgeman Art Library)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid November/December 2023

Plum Bayou Mounds

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Slideshow: A Paleolithic Crossroads

Enjoy these additional images from Grotte Mandrin, a rock shelter in southern France's Rhône Valley, where, researchers have found, Homo sapiens briefly settled around 54,000 years ago.

Slideshow: Roman Altars to an Egyptian Goddess

Enjoy this selection of images from Caska Cove on Croatia's Island of Pag, which was once the site of the Roman settlement of Cissa. There, a first-century A.D. Roman noblewoman named Calpurnia erected four limestone altars dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis.