Pre-Hispanic Artifacts Repatriated to Mexico

News March 30, 2023

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO—Mexico Daily News reports that Mexico’s culture minister Alejandra Frausto traveled to Rome to retrieve more than 40 pre-Hispanic artifacts recovered by Italy’s Carabinieri group for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. The oldest objects are about 1,700 years old. Some of them had been held in private collections. “Not only do we announce the recovery of heritage but also the recovery of dignity in this country,” Frausto said. Italy’s government has been advising Mexico’s authority on the creation of its own cultural protection enforcement organization. Germany has returned another 40 objects, while France has returned three. The oldest of these artifacts dates to 400 B.C. Frausto and her team now seek the return of more than 80 Olmec artifacts scheduled to be auctioned in France. She encouraged those who collect ancient objects to explore Mexico’s contemporary art. To read about Olmec sculptures and stucco masks uncovered at the Maya site of Toniná, go to "Around the World: Mexico."