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Neolithic Homes Recreated at Stonehenge

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Stonehenge-Hut-Recreation(English Heritage)WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND—Volunteers have built five structures at Stonehenge, based upon the 4,500-year-old archaeological remains of Neolithic homes unearthed at nearby Durrington Walls, with 20 tons of chalk, 5,000 rods of hazel and three tons of wheat straw. The one-room dwellings contain replica axes, pottery, and other items to reflect what is known about living conditions at about the same time as the placement of the large sarsen stones at the site. “We know for example, that each house contained a hearth and that puddled chalk was used to make the floor. And far from being dark and primitive, the homes were incredibly bright and airy spaces with white chalk walls and floors designed to reflect sunlight and capture heat from the fire,” a spokesperson from English Heritage told BBC News