March/April 2013 Issue

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    Archaeology Island

    More than 4,000 years of history in only 16 square miles

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    Pirates of the Original Panama Canal

    Searching for the remains of Captain Henry Morgan's raid on Panama City

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    (Courtesy Captain Morgan Rum Co.)
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    A Soldier's Story

    The battle that changed European history, told through the lens of a young man’s remains

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    (Courtesy Dominique Bosquet)
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    Munich Underground

    A metropolis' modern needs help reveal its hidden history

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    A Stunning Sacrifice

    Why were hundreds of valuable objects thrown into a Polish bog more than 1,500 years ago?

Letter From Cambodia

Letter From Cambodia

The Battle Over Preah Vihear

A territorial dispute involving a 1,100-year-old Khmer temple on the Thai-Cambodian border turns violent

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(Masuru Goto)



Cooking Balls

Scientific analyses and experimental archaeology determine that mysterious, 1,000-year-old balls of clay found at Yucatán site were used in cooking

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(Courtesy Bolonchen Regional Archaeological Project)

Digs & Discoveries

Off the Grid

Off the Grid March/April 2013

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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(Courtesy Tania Andrade Lima, Museu Nacional/UFRJ)

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