19th-Century Steamship Anchor Found in Florida Waters

News November 17, 2023

Florida Steamship Anchor

Florida Steamship AnchorHOMESTEAD, FLORIDA—CBS News reports that the anchor of a nineteenth-century stern paddle-wheel steamboat was found in shallow water in the northern Florida Keys within Biscayne National Park. It has been determined that the anchor came from the St. Lucie, which was built in 1888. In 1906, the vessel was traveling between Miami and Knights Key when a hurricane struck. The St. Lucie capsized, killing 26 of the more than 100 passengers. At the time, the use of steamships was falling out of favor as access to railroads increased, and in fact, the St. Lucie had been purchased by the Florida East Coast Railway to carry workers and supplies throughout the Keys. After the disaster, the hull was eventually raised, refitted, and used in the Keys for several more years. National Park Service researchers noted that the burials of many of the victims have been found in Miami, but the remains of several African Americans who had been on board have not been located. To read about a find from a 1782 shipwreck off the coast of St. Augustine, go to "Around the World: Florida."

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